In the last decade, millennials have been buying homes and moving into cities in record numbers. They are also changing the housing market by demanding smaller, more efficient homes that have less maintenance and a smaller carbon footprint. With these demands in mind, more home builders are incorporating eco-friendly features into their new homes. These new homes also incorporate fewer trees and natural landscaping to cut down on maintenance. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add trees or shrubs to your brand new home or condo complex. If you live in an area where mature trees aren’t allowed (and trust us, there are a lot of places like this), then adding plants to your outdoor living space is one way to make up for it. The great news is that even if you don’t meet these restrictions yet, you can still plant some trees or shrubs now so they will be ready when you sell your home later on.

Why You Should Consider A Mature Planting Solution

One of the main reasons homeowners choose to plant mature trees is to add privacy to their property. Whether you live in the suburbs or a more urban area, you may have neighbors who like to look into your backyard. Mature trees planted on the property line, especially ones with thick foliage, are a great way to block out prying eyes. Trees are also an excellent way to create shade and make your outdoor living space a little more comfortable during hotter months. Another great benefit of planting a mature tree is that you don’t have to wait very long to see results. While it may take a few years before a newly planted tree will add any privacy, a mature tree can start offering these benefits almost immediately.

Mature Planting: What It Is And Why It’s Important

While a mature planting solution is primarily used for privacy and aesthetics, it can also be used for soil quality. If you don’t have enough organic matter in the soil near your home, it can lead to all sorts of issues, including stormwater runoff. A healthy soil should contain 25% organic matter, but many urban soil samples have less than that. This is where a mature planting solution can help. A mixture of trees and shrubs, along with a few perennials, can help enrich your soil and protect it from stormwater runoff.

Which Trees And Shrubs Are Best?

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing which trees and shrubs to plant in your yard, including the amount of sunlight they need, the space they need to grow, and how much maintenance they require. Sunlight – Before you choose which trees and shrubs to plant, you need to know how much sunlight your property gets. Most trees and shrubs need at least six hours of sunlight each day, and most thrive in partial or full shade. Space – You also need to make sure you have enough space in your yard for the trees and shrubs you want to plant. While some trees and shrubs are smaller and can be planted closer to your home, others need to be planted more than 15 feet away from your foundation. Maintenance – Finally, you should consider how much maintenance each tree and shrub requires. Some trees, like the Japanese maple, don’t need a lot of maintenance and only need to be pruned every few years. Other trees, like the English Walnut, require a lot more maintenance and may need to be pruned every year.

The Pros Of A Mature Planting Solution

One of the best things about a mature planting solution is that you don’t have to plant everything at once. You can start with a few trees and shrubs, and plant more over time as your budget allows. Just remember that you’re not planting new plants from seed or a young sapling. Instead, you’re buying mature trees and shrubs that are ready to be planted and will grow as fast as possible. You can also take advantage of end-of-season sales when you’re buying your trees and shrubs. Another pro of a mature planting solution is that you can plant a wider variety of trees and shrubs compared to a young planting solution. With a young planting solution, you’re limited to evergreens, deciduous trees, and shrubs that can withstand colder temperatures. With a mature planting solution, you can plant deciduous and evergreen trees, plus shrubs that thrive in warmer temperatures. Mature planting solution

The Cons Of A Mature Planting Solution

One of the main cons of a mature planting solution is that it can be more expensive than planting a young solution. The types of trees and shrubs you’re buying are usually more expensive than buying from a seedling or sapling plant. Another con of a mature planting solution is that it takes longer to see the benefits of the trees and shrubs you plant. A young planting solution, like a tree or shrub that is transplanted from seed, can start providing privacy almost immediately. With a mature planting solution, you may have to wait several years before the trees and shrubs you plant start providing any benefits.

How To Make A Mature Planting Plan Work For You

With a mature planting solution, you’re planting trees and shrubs that are already mature and ready to be planted. You also can’t control exactly where they will be planted or how they will look once they’re planted. You can make the most of your mature planting solution by choosing trees and shrubs that are best for your area. You also want to consider how much sun your yard receives and pick trees and shrubs that thrive in that amount of sunlight. Once you’ve chosen the trees and shrubs you want to plant, make sure you plant them in the right place. Generally, you want to plant larger trees close to your home and smaller trees further away. Also, keep in mind where you want to be able to walk and make sure you’ve left enough room for safe passage.


When it comes to planting trees and shrubs on your property, you have two options: a young planting solution or a mature planting solution. A young planting solution is ideal if you want to start adding trees and shrubs to your property as soon as possible. A mature planting solution is the best choice if you want to add more privacy to your property and don’t have room for young trees. With a mature planting solution, you can add privacy to your property and make your outdoor living space more comfortable. However, it does take a bit longer than a young planting solution to see the benefits.

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